Toyota RAV4 EV HVAC and performance modes adds a wrinkle to the PEV calculator

The Toyota RAV4 EV, coming soon to California, is a joint development effort between Toyota and Tesla.  Some of the more interesting features on the vehicle are the “performance mode” and the 4 different HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) setting.  These configurations result in different ranges on the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV), and would certainly be a factor in the cost calculations used in the PEV calculator.  More importantly, this emphasizes the increased need for utility providers to make user’s real-time usage statics available directly to 3rd party application developers.  The current version of our calculator is most useful when considering the decision whether or not to buy an PEV, but imagine a mobile application that you can check immediately to see how much electricity you have used so far this month and what usage tier you are projected to fall in, and based on your driving habits, the cost per charge for the next day’s driving across the different performance modes and HVAC settings.  Being able to manage costs at that level would certainly speed up adoption of PEVs.

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