How to download PG&E green button data

Downloading the green button data from your PG&E account to use in the PEV4me plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) calculator is simple.

  1. You need to have a My Energy account and an electric SmartMeter™ connected to the network. Log in to My Energy or Register.
  2. Log in to My Energy and click on the My Usage tab.
  3. Click on the Green Button icon in the bottom right hand corner
  4. Select your download format and be sure to select the format “For developers and third parties (.xml file)”
  5. Select a range of days at least 12 months.  For example, from 08/24/2011 to 08/24/2012.
  6. Click on Export button and a zip file will be downloaded to your computer
  7. Take note of where you downloaded the Green Button zip file onto your computer.  Once you locate your file, you can upload the zip file to the PEV4me plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) calculator

If you recently purchased a plug-in electric car and have been charging it at home, make sure to select a range of days that exclude the days when you started charging your electric car since that will skew your results.

For more information on PG&E Green Button click here.

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