Find public charging stations for your electric car using the Plugshare app

Xatori is the company behind, the PlugShare iOS app, and the PlugShare Android app.  PlugShare users have created their own EV social network, in which a community of EV owners and enthusiasts can share their own charging stations/electrical outlets with other electric car owners — an interesting concept that may very well reduce prospective EV buyers’ range anxiety, a term used to describe the fear of being stranded in the middle of the road while driving an electric car due to running out of battery power.

Xatori’s PlugShare map indicates that charging stations are well-distributed throughout the SF Bay area, covering the region’s areas of San Francisco, the East Bay, and San Jose areas, with even more in the eastern suburbs stretching to Sacramento. Xatori recently announced over 11,000 charging stations are available across North America, up from 500 stations when PlugShare first launched last year.

Plugshare’s map coverage is active for all of US and Canada. You can filter for public/private charge locations, access, and the charger outlet suitable for your EV – wall outlet, J1772 plug, NEMA14, Tesla, and Quick charge.

The strength of the PlugShare EV Driver Community is evident with the number of owner charge locations easily dominating over those of dealership and retailer locations.

What You Can Do

  • Take the Plugshare mobile app with you, add your user feedback and pictures for the stations you use
  • Add your own EV charging location to the network and share your outlet with others to help them get to where they need to be!
  • Champion EVs and help others overcome range anxiety, it’s possible with your support!


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