Carbon footprint reduction for the PEV calculator

One of the questions that we have been asked from users of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) calculator is how we get the results for the carbon footprint comparison.   Users that compare a high efficiency gas engine or hybrid vehicle sometimes see a higher carbon footprint with an PEV.   To be fair, the calculations are only based on the EPA accepted standard carbon emission estimate for 1 kWh of electricity and the standard emission estimate for 1 gallon of gasoline.  This does not take into consideration scenarios where a user could be providing his own electricity from a renewable source, such as solar energy.  Nor does calculation take into consideration that electrical energy is getting cleaner year after year or that a critical mass of PEVs is needed to achieve some of the really significant energy savings possible with V2G.   We are looking to add more variables into the next release of the calculators.  Let us know what you think.

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2 comments on “Carbon footprint reduction for the PEV calculator
  1. tom lyons says:

    PG&E may be a more relevant source for carbon footprint calculation. It is required to publish its CO2e / kwh generated to CARB every year. Because PG&E’s fuel mix is significanty sourced from hydro and gas-fired generation plants, its carbon/kwh is likely to be lower than the national EPA value.

    I can help you find this Jeff, I used this recently for a municipal emissions monitoring project. -TL

    • jeff says:

      Thanks Tom. Yea. good point. We should start with that number for sure. Especially since we can see the users that have PG&E GB data.

      Good meeting you at the conference.

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