About Us

PEV4me.com is a destination website for prospective and existing plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) owners. We provide information and applications to help educate consumers on PEVs and other renewable energy products.

Our first application, the PEV calculator, enables prospective electric vehicle owners to estimate their total electricity bill when adding a home electric vehicle charger to their existing home electricity needs. The calculator compares multiple rate plans offered by a user’s local utility company to determine the most cost effective plan based on the user’s existing driving needs as well as his or her past home electricity usage using Green Button data. In addition, the app calculates the annual cost savings of replacing an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, or gas powered car, with a plug-in electric car.

The electric car calculator was a finalist in the “Apps for Energy” contest sponsored by the Department of Energy.  Subsequently, PEV4me.com was selected by Pacific Gas & Electric to be a beta partner for the PG&E Green Button Connect platform.  Site visitors from PG&E service territory will be able to provide their personal energy data via the secure Green Button Connect system to allow PEV4me.com to analyze their historical usage and provide actionable steps to save money and become more energy efficient.  The company has been recognized by GreenButtonData.org as an Energy Data Innovator and joins a national roster of technology companies that have developed web and mobile applications for the White House’s Green Button initiative. PEV4me.com was invited to showcase its app at the Energy Datapalooza event at the White House.

We hope by educating consumers on the financial and environmental impact of their daily energy usage, it will lead to the mass adoption of PEVs as well as other renewable energy technologies.